Pic-Halloween Spider #01

Pic-Halloween Spider #01

  • $1.00

Halloween Balloon Decoration Spider


It is MadeWithBalloons and Rouse Matrix™ circle shaped balloon grids. It is easy to make in any of several sizes. 

You and/or party guests can make up an edible version with Oreo cookies and pretzels. The edibles spiders are a fun snack and add to the decorating theme at the same time.

Decide on the size you want for your Halloween balloon spiders and order the RMS™ Circles to match. Simply slide long balloons (like #260 balloons) into the spider body between the layers for legs. Add small balloons on top for eyes and you are underway.

  • 2' RMS Circles
  • 3" RMS Circles
  • 4' RMS Circles
We recommend the RouseAPPS™ STRONG (double layer) technique for this project. You will find video instructions for this technique inside our introductory video to Rouse Matrix™.

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