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[caption id="attachment_1163" align="aligncenter" width="520"]Illustration of 20' canopy MadeWithBalloons™ in a new way that is much faster and easier than traditional methods. Here is a canopy MadeWithBalloons™ that is designed to go up more quickly, more easily and with lower skilled help than anything available today. Plus, it is designed to be easily deflated and packed away for reuse later.[/caption]

"WISH LIST"  CANOPY MadeWithBalloons™

------  "ROUSEings"  ------ By Graham Rouse


"ROUSEings" logo-iconYOUR WISH LIST

Do you wish you could make beautiful balloon canopies for dance floors in one quarter of the time it takes now?

Do you wish that you could hire much less skilled help and still get professional results?

Do you wish you could take down all those balloons, roll them up, store them away and reuse them later?

Or maybe, such thoughts seem so far fetched that you have not even considered the possibility of them, much less, wished for them.

But they are possible. They are worth considering. They are worth wishing for. They are worth watching for. They are worth asking for.


THIS CANOPY MadeWithBalloons™

  • This balloon canopy has 17 arches, red on top and blue on the bottom. They appear to have 19 balloons in each. Actually, each arch would be one Rouse Roll Balloon™ with 19 connected chambers.  Each of those chambers looks like a separate balloon, but air or helium flows through all of them at once.
  • You could inflate all 19 chambers at once. The chambers would already be spaced, aligned and connected.

String of 19 Rouse Roll Balloons™

  • The four columns each look like 60 smaller balloons that have been in individually inflated, sealed and taped together. Actually, each column would be just one Rouse Roll Balloon™ comprised of 60 chambers.
  • Simply inflate all 60 chambers at once and wrap them around the supporting core.
Rouse Roll Balloons™ in an array of 4 wide and 15 long
  • As a bonus, A BIG BONUS; you could easily deflate and save your 21 Roll Balloons™ for reuse later.  That is something that is not practical for the 563 independent balloons that these 21 Roll Balloons™ replace..


The Magic of Rouse Roll Balloons™ is really quite simple. Traditional film balloons are manufactured one at a time in a series where each balloon is independent of the next.

Standard Manufacture of Film Balloons Animation
Standard Manufacture of Film Balloons

Rouse Roll Balloons are manufactured so that each is connected to the next.

Rouse Roll Balloon Manufacture Animation
Patented Rouse Roll Balloon Manufacture

The possible variations are quite enormous. The possible benefits, as you can see with the canopy, are quite enormous as well.



If a better way to make balloon canopies was not on your wish list before, it should be there now. But, do not stop there. Stretch your imagination at Balloons On A Roll Blog. You will learn more about wonderful possibilities for Advancing Your Balloon Art And Business with Roll Balloons™.

Your "Wish List" will grow. Your "Watch List" will grow.  And, your "Ask For It" list will grow as well.

That is Balloons On A Roll Blog: http://rousetech.com/roll.

Thanks for joining me for ROUSEings.  Do return for more 
Pictures - Instructions - Reviews - Musings about all things MadeWithBalloons. 
Graham Rouse
Your host and author for ROUSEings.
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