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WAVES OF RAPTURE #MadeWithBalloons™




Rapture suggests a feeling of ecstatic joy or delight. When we see someone apparently delighted and totally wrapped up in concentrated focus, we say that he or she is giving their “rapt attention”.  Hopefully, you are among the many who have enjoyed such feelings and focus when engaged with balloons.


Maybe, as a child, you were amazed at this fat kite that flew without wind and bounced upon a string when you pulled.  Maybe you were fascinated by the way the world changed colors when you held that transparent orb close to  your face.  Maybe  you watched with fascination as the cat chased the colors that danced across the floor when the light through the balloons was just right.


Maybe, instead of tears, there was a gleam in your eyes when your balloon escaped and took flight with the winds.  Maybe you imagined how the world looked from up there and how it felt to be free and floating on air.  Maybe you wondered what adventures awaited  your balloon and then imagined that those adventures were your own.  Maybe you tasted that marvelous ecstasy that comes when you are “RAPT With Balloons”.


Early in 1983 I encountered balloons in a way that stirred my imagination and fed me tastes of that rapture which can come from balloons. I discovered that beyond that first wave of pleasure there was a second wave.  I discovered that I could make things with balloons.  They were a delight to see and wonderful for play.  But, more importantly, they were evidence of my productivity.  They gave witness to the fact that I was more than a creäture; I was a creator.

AAaahh!  It is such rapture to know that you are CREATOR as well as CREATURE.  That knowledge and that rapture is the birthright of every human.


Then I discovered a third wave of rapture from balloons.  The things I made with balloons served up tastes of rapture to those around me. They delighted in their encounters with my balloons.  At least for a while, smiles replaced frowns and sparkling eyes replaced dull. Not only was I productive, but I was effective.  I rode the crest of that third wave of rapture as a LEADER showing the way to others.


Then the fourth wave came as those I lead and taught with balloons became leaders and teachers themselves. I came to know the rapture as PARENT, as grandparent, as great grandparent, etc., etc. It is sad to know that ones own time on earth is limited, but it is rapture indeed to know that the seeds of life, of creativity, of productivity, of leadership, and of parenthood are being passed through you to untold generations to come.


Balloons are not the only medium for such experiences, but they comprise a good one. They have certainly enriched my life. I recommend them to you.

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You may even find your own path from Creature to Creator to Leader to Parent of Waves of Rapture MadeWithBalloons in the lives of generations to come.

Graham Rouse.

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