"VANISHING BEAUTY" MadeWithBalloons™

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[caption id="attachment_778" align="aligncenter" width="500"]It may look like a cotton plant but it really is MadeWithBalloons, or at least one balloon filled with corn starch. It may look like a cotton plant but it really is MadeWithBalloons™, or at least one balloon filled with corn starch and popped.[/caption]

"VANISHING BEAUTY" MadeWithBalloons™

------  "ROUSEings™"  ------ By Graham Rouse

All our art MadeWithBalloons™ soon vanishes, but this balloon sculpture lasted only thousandths of a second.

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This is one of a series of "Vanishing Beauty" graphics created in a similar way by Fabian Oefner of Zurich, Switzerland.  He used camera and electronic flash to capture that magic moment, measured in thousandths of a second, when a simple balloon filled with corn starch has it's skin broken but has not yet finished it's outward burst and collapse.  I found this balloon graphic along the others without the surrounding frame and identifying labels on Behance, but you may also see them on his web site. This picture is republished here under the Creative Commons license. "Vanishing Beauty" is just one of his extraordinary photographic projects. You may see others in his portfolio on Behance or on his web site.

Fabian Oefner's "Vanishing Beauty" MadeWithBalloons™ speaks to me on many levels..

(FIRST)    IT IS AMAZING It is amazing to realize that this is not cotton growing in a field.  It is amazing to realize that it's smooth leaves and fluffy ball of white fibers will not stand there for days or weeks waiting to be harvested.  It is amazing to realize that this image that appears so strong and resistant to the ravages of time came and went in less than the blink of an eye.

(SECOND)    IT RAISES QUESTIONS It raises questions about my own existance.  I question whether I am what I appear to be when others look at me. I question whether I will remain here for all the years and decades my loved ones expect of me. I question whether the great works that I strive to achieve will be missed by someone who simply blinks while turning pages in the history of our profession.

(THIRD)    IT REMINDS ME It reminds me of the fragile nature of all our work MadeWithBalloons™. It reminds me that we most often create our art with little more that latex, air and imagination. It reminds me that our work will most often stand for little more than an evening or a day or a week. It reminds me that the shouts of celebration around our displays soon fade into quiet conversations about last year's event and then soften into old memories that are but whispers, whispers that  are easily blow away by the rush of new events and fresh thoughts.

(FOURTH)    IT STARTS ME THINKING It starts me thinking about the cities and lands where so many of us live. It starts me thinking about how small and brief are the decades of our lives, the centuries of our cities and the millennia of our continents. It starts me thinking about the infinite space around us and wondering if I will ever meet, in person, that awesome power whose single breath inflated our universe and whose pinprick could explode it all like the balloon pictured above in less than the blink of our masters eye.  

(FIFTH)    IT INSPIRES ME Yet, it inspires me to realize that Fabien Oefner created, captured and shared the beauty of that brief moment between the presence of a static sphere and the presence of an empty void. It inspires me to realize that even in the vanishing moments of the brief life I enjoy upon this earth there are thousands, millions, even billions of such moments available to me.

(SIXTH)    WHAT WILL I CREATE? . What will I create within those vanishing moments?

What beauty will I capture and share?

......  ...    .

Ahh, yes....

 ......  ...    .

Now I know....

......  ...    .

I will create, capture and share that "VANISHING BEAUTY"  MadeWithBalloons™.

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