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[caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Poster of pizza MadeWithBalloons promoting "The Pizza Parable" ROUSEings by Graham Rouse. This slice of pizza MadeWithBalloons™ draws attention to a parable illustrating how competitors can help build YOUR balloon business.   ---   It was made by stretching an uninflated balloon over a triangle cut out of foam board and then covering it with cut up pieces of long balloons and round balloons. It produces an appetizing graphic MadeWithBalloons™.[/caption]


------  "ROUSEings™"  ------ by Graham Rouse

"Amateurs and low price competitors can help build the business of balloon professionals . The Pizza Parable illustrates how."


"The Pizza Parable" is republished here in slightly edited form with permission from the original in "Balloons On A Roll" blog at . _______________________________________________________________________



Quite some years ago, I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA. Every once-in-awhile my wife and I went to a favorite, local Italian restaurant. It was a little out of the way and the prices were not cheap, but the food was great, the service was excellent and the atmosphere was a relaxing change from the hectic pace of our busy days.


On one occasion I spoke to the manager to thank him for a wonderful evening. I also asked him how business was since the new pizza chain had moved in down the road at the shopping mall.

[caption id="attachment_986" align="alignright" width="292"]"American Classic" burger, cola and fries made with ballons by Vicky Kimble Whether you serve up Italian food as in our Pizza Parable, or balloons as in Vickie Kimble's "American Classic" you must contribute some "added value" above the ordinary in order to become "The Best", excel and thrive. Read more from Vicky on "Thinking Outside The Box" with balloons in her Making It With Balloons Network article at[/caption] "Business is very good!", he said.

"When I heard they were moving in, I was worried" he told me, "but they have actually helped my business."

He went on. "I knew they would have a larger advertising budget. They built in a more convenient location for drive in traffic and they get walk in traffic from the mall that we never get. Plus, their prices are lower."

"I think we have lost a few customers to them that used to be regulars, but they were ones that rarely spent much."


"Overall, our business is up, and I think we have the new pizza chain to thank for much of that increase. Their advertising, promotion and visibility have stimulated an increase in demand for Italian food in our area. It would not surprise me if even sales of Italian food at the grocery stores have gone up."


"But, when it comes to Italian food, we have a bigger menu, we have a great chef, an excellent service staff and a wonderful atmosphere for diners to relax and enjoy the experience. If you don't mind me boasting a little bit; 'We are the best in town!'"

"Yes, you are," I agreed.

"Thank you," he replied. "And thank you for dining with us this evening. Do come again."

"In fact," he continued. "Take this gift card with you. Bring it with you when you return and enjoy wine with your dinner on us."

"Thank you," I said. "We'll do that."

And we did.... .. .


Has your small balloon business has done well over the last years despite the shrinking economy, the entrance of large department stores and party store chains and even grocery stores adding balloons to their offerings? Chances are that it has not been your low prices, great advertising budget, or high traffic location that has pulled you through.

It is more likely that, like our favorite Italian restaurant, you are providing some significant added value for your customers. It is also likely that you have reaped the benefits of the "big boys" using their great advertising budget, high traffic location and low prices to promote balloons in the minds of a broader audience in your community.

If you don't mind a little boasting, it is likely that "YOU are the best in town" at something important for your balloon market. Maybe you are especially good at entertaining, decorating, sculpting or producing walls, backdrops or other graphics MadeWithBalloons™.


As Italian foods appear more frequently in advertising and in the news, it will be natural for the do-it-yourself amateurs to gather spaghetti and sauces and microwave dinners and serve them to family and friends. Some of these amateurs will never grace the doors of our favorite Italian restaurant. They will, however, spread their interest in Italian food to others who will become great prospects for our favorite dining spot

In a similar way, you can expect an upsurge in do-it-yourself balloon activity as your low price competitors do their thing. Do not whine about it. Celebrate it. Nurture it. Help each amateur succeed in their small way as they spread an interest in balloons to others.

But, be sure to also show them the difference you can make for them and their friends; the difference of dealing with "The Best For Things MadeWithBalloons™" 


In the back of your mind you may still be wondering about all this amateur activity. Will those amateurs begin doing for themselves some of the things that professionals do now?

Yes they will.

The bar will be raised for what consumers do for themselves with balloons. And, the bar will be raised for what professionals must do to get and keep the business of those same consumers.


But that is always the job of professionals in creative and growing media. You must take ordinary latex balloons that anyone can purchase locally and turn them into something special. You must take those simple message balloons that are available everywhere and make them flatter the egos and satisfy the aesthetic tastes of senders and recipients. You must take an ordinary birthday party and turn it into a memorable event.

  • You must inflate more than the balloons that fill a room.
  • You must inflate the imaginations and emotions of the people that fill that room.

When you do these things, it will help your business for consumers to have and use all those cheap latex balloons, all those simple message balloons and even those new balloons and gadgets that are sure to come. Those amateurs will be spreading their interest in balloons and helping build a bigger balloon business for you, because, in your market, you are

"THE BEST FOR THINGS  MadeWithBalloons™".

____________________________________________________ .
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Graham Rouse
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