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[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="500"] "THANK YOU!" --- This illustration depicts a graphic "MadeWithBalloons" based on Rouse Original and patented techniques called "RouseAAD" (Advanced Aperture Displays). Read more about it in the PostScript at the end of this ROUSEings™ article.[/caption] THANKS FOR "YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™"  (See Also: "POSTSCRIPT: HERE IS HOW" at the end of this article) ------------ ROUSEings™ ------------ by Graham Rouse "YOUR CREATIONS MadeWithBalloons™" have touched, enriched and stimulated the lives of many others. YOU WARM WINTER'S CHILL We have all felt winter's chill. December holidays have passed. The New Year has come and we look forward to Spring....

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