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[caption id="attachment_1248" align="aligncenter" width="470"] "Cheerful Cherry Chum" MadeWithBalloons™ from the "Rainbow Collection" of Graham Rouse[/caption] " CHEERFUL CHERRY CHUM " MadeWithBalloons™ -------------------- ROUSEings™ -------------------- by Graham Rouse . "Cheerful Cherry Chums" comprise one of the characters MadeWithBalloons™ in my "Rainbow Collection" begun in the mid 1980s. They all have small greeting cards with short stories about them. The cards also include "Care And Feeding Instructions".  I plan to share them with you over time here in "ROUSEings". THE STORY Cheerful Cherry Chums begin as Magic seeds dropped from the Cherry Loon Balloon Trees that grow near the Sweetwater Marsh at...

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