ROUSEings — Parable Of The Talents

"$10 INTO $100 & INTO A CAREER" MadeWithBalloons™

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[caption id="attachment_1297" align="aligncenter" width="500"] My first $100 in balloon figure sales came from $10 in seed money given out to me along with several hundred others at a church, worship service.[/caption]   "$10 INTO $100 & INTO A CAREER" MadeWithBalloons™ -------------------- ROUSEings™ -------------------- by Graham Rouse . UNIQUE BEGINNING MadeWithBalloons™ Every balloon professional has their own, unique story of how their balloon business began, but I suspect that the story of my beginning at church with $10 from the offering plate is among the most unusual of those stories.   FOR FUN OR FOR SALE??? Since I made that first balloon poodle...

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