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[caption id="attachment_1122" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Caricature of Graham Rouse[/caption] "MASHED POTATOES, JELLY BEANS, & LITE-BRITES" My Path To 30 Years Of Playthings MadeWithBalloons™ ------  "ROUSEings"  ------ By Graham Rouse . MASHED POTATOES Do you play with your food? "Sometimes", you say?  But not like you used to? Now you have new toys and playthings MadeWithBalloons™ don't you?. I have dreams of a time when mashed potatoes were a favored artist medium. In my dreams I  liked mashed potatoes for sculpting snowmen whenever I was not really hungry. I used them to pass the time until the good stuff (dessert) was served....

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