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[caption id="attachment_2371" align="aligncenter" width="470"] SURVIVING THE PRESSURE OF A BED OF NAILS.  VIDEO BELOW.TROUBLE VIEWING VIDEO BELOW? WATCH ON YOUTUBE.[/caption] SURVIVING THE PRESSURE MadeWithBalloons™ ---  ROUSEings --- By Graham Rouse   Here is a little life lesson we can learn from balloons. Distribute the pressure to survive all those sharp threats and penetrating frustrations that might ordinarily cause us to explode.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for joining me for ROUSEings™.  Do return for more  Pictures - Instructions - Reviews - Musings about all things MadeWithBalloons™. .. Graham Rouse Your host and author for ROUSEings™. © 2014 by G. Rouse ________________________________________________ [rps-include-content blog="rouseings" page="2228"] ________________________________________________ Google...

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