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"BLUE ICE" MadeWithBalloons™

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[caption id="attachment_953" align="aligncenter" width="500"] This abstract sculpture, though made with just a single balloon, raises multiple questions about the nature of what it represents and what it might become.[/caption] "BLUE ICE"  MadeWithBalloons™ [ (1)"MUSINGS"  &  (2)"HERE IS HOW" ] ------------ ROUSEings™ ------------ by Graham Rouse Is it, instead, a living thing? (1)  "MUSINGS" I WONDER When I look at this sculpture I wonder if it was actually MadeWithBalloons™.  Maybe it is really ice  that has been melted into shape by the sun as the earth spins round  that star.  Maybe it was polished smooth by swirling night winds. It certainly seems preoccupied with growing, reaching, stretching...

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