ROUSEings — Father's Day

"FATHER'S DAY PLAY" MadeWithBalloons™

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[caption id="attachment_1387" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Allen and Eric Rouse at play in the mid-1980s with creatures MadeWithBalloon™ by their father, Graham Rouse. These are "modular" creatures that may be assembled in many configurations.[/caption] "FATHER'S DAY PLAY" MadeWithBalloons™ -------------------- ROUSEings™ -------------------- by Graham Rouse . BALLOONS FOR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN My twin boys, Allen (Chris) and Eric Rouse, got a lot of balloon time in their younger days.  The picture (above) shows them at play with a set of creatures MadeWithBlloons™ that I designed in modular units so they could be assembled in a variety of ways. They were similar in nature to...

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