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"99 RED BALLOONS" MUSIC MadeWithBalloons™

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. "99 RED BALLOONS" MUSIC MadeWithBalloons™ . We often make decorations with balloons. We seldom make music with balloons. Here is an exceptional example of making music with balloons by Andrew Huang. . ____________________________________________________ THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, Ballooniverse Mall™, Your "Balloon Frame Super Center™" with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes and grid patterns than anyone else in the Ballooniverse. ( ____________________________________________________ . THANKS TO YOU for joining me for ROUSEings™.  Do return for more  Pictures - Instructions - Reviews - Musings about all things MadeWithBalloons™. .. Graham Rouse Your host and author for ROUSEings™. © 2014 by G. Rouse Copyright 2014 by G.Rouse ____________________________________________________ Google More...

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