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(65) Funky Balloons.

Butterfly by Michael Gjerek MadeWithBalloons™


The Precision Butterfly above was created by Michael Gjerek for BalloonsIT (powered by BELBAL)

Michael wrote me directly identifying the origins and sharing a link to the original and to additional information on its design and construction. Go there to learn just how much time an care went into this magnificent piece. His full note is included in the first comment after this article.

I switched the picture above from the one that stimulated this article to the original from Michael Gjerek so as to include the credit and copyright notice missing from the one I found.




ROUSEings Logo/Icon 150x150 pixelsI discovered this photo (only the one I found did not include the credit and copyright notice included above) on the Facebook page of Funky Balloons without any claim or acknowledgement of the original source. If you know who made this, whether that be Funky Balloons or someone else, please pass on the information.

This is quite an exceptional and sophisticated sculpture MadeWithBalloons™ and the originator/s deserve credit.

(NOW WE KNOW - It is by Michael Gjerek for BalloonsIT (powered by BELBAL) See the note under the photo and in the first comment after the article. 

It is a beautiful design. It is well lighted, nicely photographed and carefully edited.

It maintains precise symmetry while using a variety of techniques with subtle variations of color and balloon sizing. 

Notice the slightly smaller size of each row of balloons in the front wings. That generates the soft curve in the front edge of the wings and each subsequent row. It is difficult enough to achieve the smooth curve and solid coverage you see here in just one wing. It takes careful planning and precise execution to mirror that design in the second wing.

The tail wings are even more impressive..

The texture changes from that of a relatively smooth honeycomb pattern in the front wings to that  of, what appears to be, nested garlands made up of alternating larger and smaller balloon clusters. Beyond that, however, the balloon sizes within the clusters gradually increase as they move toward the rear. 

This produces nice variations in pattern, shape and texture from the front wings to the back wings and, it causes the tail wings to fan out slightly.

Again, the symmetry is impressive, though there are interesting variations between left and right tail wings. The ten ten-petal flower patterns do not all have the same number of petals nor the same color patterns.

The variations are small. It is not clear whether this is intentional in order to give this particular butterfly its own unique "fingerprint", or if the hour was late and matching balloons were not handy. I like to think is was to make this one unique.

The body of the butterfly exhibits equally careful and precise construction. The clusters have gradual changes in size that give our creature a "waist" and tapering ends. The colors change at the intersection with the wings. The bulging, translucent eyes fairly glow. The balanced antennae test the surrounding air.

All in all it is an exceptional sculpture MadeWithBalloons™. I offer my hearty congratulations to the creator/s!. ____________________________________________________

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