PICTURE OF A KISS & A HAT MadeWithBalloons™

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Kiss And A Hat MadeWithBalloons™
Kiss And A Hat MadeWithBalloons™[/caption]

PICTURE A KISS & A HAT MadeWithBalloons™

------  "ROUSEings"  ------ By Graham Rouse

. "ROUSEings" logo-iconThe picture above is digital painting of one of my Facebook friends, Manon Dudziak. She is a fine balloon artist and marvelous entertainer from Paris, France. Check out her web site at http://www.mademoizelle-m.com or visit her on Facebook at https:.facebook.com/manon.dudziak
My painting is derived from Manon Dudziak's Facebook profile photo of April 9,2010.
The original photo (to the right) draws attention to the balloon hat with a bright balloon flower that wraps around the hat.
But, I found Manon's expression more interesting. So, I dropped the flower, simplified the background and refocused the lighting on her face in the painting above.
Now, you really notice her piercing look, soft skin and puckered lips.
Is she kidding with the camera man, flirting with you or pondering projected memories? It is all in the Picture Of A Kiss & A Hat MadeWithBalloons™.  
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