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This video reminds me of life MadeWithBalloons™ even thought there is not a balloon to be seen.  How about you? We see a young man doing little extra things for strangers.  His extra efforts are not limited to people but also for  a dog and a plant. He reaps rewards of personal satisfaction, friendship, and natural beauty. Each encounter nurtures the recipient and his relationship with them. They all blossom. Positive effects begin to spread. Each of us has opportunities to perform similar "extra" acts of kindness and service and through those "extra" acts to cause life around us to blossom and to spread positive effects beyond our view.. We are blessed within the balloon industry with opportunities to create similar positive effects "within" our daily work as well as through those "extra" acts outside our daily work. Sometimes we are the instruments of the "extra" acts of kindness and service of others as we deliver light and color and messages of encouragement and joy for our customers. Other times we are the creative source of decorations or entertainment that transform a room or a hall and the people who fill them. Through our imagination and efforts and media we lift the spirits of those we engage. We are, indeed, triply blessed.
  • We work daily as the instruments of others to supply their "extra" acts of kindness and encouragement.
  • We have great tools to make those same "extra" acts on our  own behalf.
  • We impact others in positive ways as a natural part of our work even when it is not as something "extra". It just comes naturally with the "turf".
Yes, this video does remind me of our lives MadeWithBalloons™ ________________________________________________
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