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[caption id="attachment_3047" align="aligncenter" width="470"]DIY-Donut-Balloons6-600x900-STUDIODIY-COM Lighter than air, low-calorie, donuts to satisfy your visual appetite from the Do-It-Yourself kitchens of STUDIO DIY.[/caption] . ROUSEings Logo/Icon 150x150 pixels

The GEO balloon donuts floating above would make a fun display for a party or just a coffee break among friends.

Studio DIY presents a well illustrated balloon recipe for cooking up this dessert on their site.

They suggest painting the circles of color with paint brush and acrylic paint then sticking on the color chips with double-sided tape.Their photos show good results from their recipe, but I have a couple of (untested) suggestions that you might consider for your recipe book.

If you want to produce a lot of these balloon donuts for a larger event.

  • Roll out a thin layer of paint on a plastic sheet with a paint roller. Press an inflated Geo balloon onto the paint.  Then remove the painted balloon and set it aside with the painted side up.
  • Apply paper confetti or small pieces of cut ribbon to the painted surface while the paint is still wet. Acrylic paint is a good glue.

With either version of the recipe, you have a good chance to provide a tasty sweet treat for guests

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