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SELECT PICTURE ABOVE TO START VIDEO. Shows patented technique for use exclusively with Rouse Matrix Expand & Load balloon frames.


---  ROUSEings --- By Graham Rouse



Use Rouse Double Bubbles™ to turn the production of an RMS™ Heart from a simple task into an exceptionally easy one. In the process you will also double the volume and increase the strength of your heart by 5 to 10 times. .


Learn this basic Rouse Double Bubble™ Technique for double-ended balloons (DEBs) like Quick Link Balloons™ and Link-O-Loons™. You will learn much more than how to make it easier to build an RMS™ Heart. This technique may be used with more than 140 configurations of Rouse Matrix™.  With a Rouse license it may be used with other aperture frameworks (balloon grids) as well. The steps are very easy. .


Rouse Double Bubble™ Technique illustrated with RMS™ HeartCLICK PICTURE ABOVE TO SEE LARGER VIEW.


ITEMIZED STEPS (From above for easy translation)

  1. Use under inflated Double-Ended Balloons sized for project.
  2. Twist balloon in the middle.
  3. Tie opposite ends tightly together.
  4. Tuck the knot between bubbles.
  5. This shows a finished Rouse Double Bubble™.
  6. Insert one of the two bubbles through an opening.
  7. The bubbles are in place with one above and one below the Matrix frame.
  8. The bubbles automatically center themselves in the opening.
  9. Bubbles hold their place in the frame even under pressure.
  10. Load more Rouse Double Bubbles to fill out the frame.
  11. The heart shape is finished.
  12. Note the double thick form of the heart.


You may purchase RMS Hearts and other Rouse Expand-And-Load balloon frames online at http://bvsmall.com/.  Both the RMS honeycomb pattern frames in the RMS Store and the Expand-And-Load GRIDZ (square grid) Soft Paks in the GRIDZ Store qualify. You may also want to check with RMS Distributors near you.  You will find a list at http://www.rouseinternational.com/distributors . This is a Rouse Original and patented technique. Use it only with Rouse authorized components: Currently (January 21, 2015) that means official Rouse Matrix Systems balloon frames and balloons of your choice. That is subject to change so do check back at official Rouse sites for updates. .



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