"EASY" MadeWithBalloons Is Now "EASIER"

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"EASY" MadeWithBalloons™ Is Now "EASIER"

---  ROUSEings --- By Graham Rouse


"ROUSEings" logo-icon"EASY" MADE "EASIER"

With a little instruction and practice, it is easy for most people to build graphics, sculpture and decorations with balloons and Rouse Matrix  balloon frames. If RMS™ users have problems it is usually with getting the balloon centered in the openings and keeping them there.    This Rouse Original and patented technique solves those problems and offers additional advantages as well.



Illustrated steps to make and load Rouse Double Bubbles™ in Rouse Matrix™ for an easier way to make balloon graphics, sculpture and decorationsCLICK PICTURE TO SEE ENLARGED VIEW


  1. Use double-ended balloons (like Quick Link Balloons™ or Link-O-Loons™) with Rouse Matrix Systems frameworks.
  2. Tie two "DEBs" (Double-Ended Balloons)  tightly together at the neck.
  3. Tie opposite ends together.
  4. You create a Rouse Double Bubble™
  5. Push one balloon of each pair  through an opening in a Rouse Matrix framework.
  6. The Rouse Double Bubble™ automatically centers itself in the aperture of the RMS framework.
  7. The Rouse Double Bubble™ holds it's position naturally
  8. Fill all openings with Double Bubbles in appropriate colors and patterns to complete your design.

This process is exceptionally simple and easy. I have both a twelve-year-old grandson and a 94-year-old neighbor who are successful with this system.  I bet that you will be successful too!

Just be sure to use Rouse authorized components. Currently (September 26, 2013) those components include official Rouse Matrix Systems frameworks and balloons of your choice. Check back with http://facebook.com/RouseMatrixPage for updates and ideas for using this new systems and for changes in Rouse authorized components.


This video shows just how easy it is to make an American (USA) flag with Rouse Double Bubbles™ in Rouse Matrix balloon frames. Even the young children in this video get professional results at this Independance Day celebration of family and friends.



You may purchase RMS Flag Kits and other Rouse Expand-And-Load balloon frames online at http://bvsmall.com/.  Both the RMS honeycomb pattern frames in the RMS Store and the Expand-And-Load GRIDZ (square grid) Soft Paks in the GRIDZ Store qualify. You may also want to check with RMS Distributors near you.  You will find a list at http://www.rouseinternational.com/distributors . .


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