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[caption id="attachment_1498" align="aligncenter" width="510"]Cut Sheet for new Quicklink™ double ended balloons by Qualatex Cut Sheet for new Quicklink™ double ended balloons by Qualatex[/caption]  


------  "ROUSEings"  ------ By Graham Rouse


"ROUSEings" logo-iconI KNOW YOU ARE THERE.

I know you are there.  You are Qualatex fans, lovers and loyalists that have have been yearning to explore those double ended balloons. Some of you have been hiding in the balloon closet playing secretly with double ended balloons made by "the other guys".

Well, it appears that Qualatex Quick Link Balloons™ are coming out.  So, now you, too, may come out. Work, explore and play with these new double ended balloons without guilt.



Some of you are wondering out loud about the price.  I do not know the numbers yet. I do expect Quick Links Balloons™ to cost more based on their larger size (6" vs. 5" and 12" vs. 11") and the additional complexity of their manufacture (extra length and shape for their second tail).

Despite the anticipated higher price, however, there are ways you can use Quick Link Balloons™ to save time, reduce costs and raise your profits.  I am going to tell you now about several methods that I know best.


(1)  SWITCH TO SINGLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION of your balloon walls, murals, backdrops, signs and banners.  If you normally use "precision wall" techniques (columns or garlands nested together) then you will immediately cut the number of balloons required in half when you make the switch.  Even if Quick Link Balloons™ were to cost 50% more per balloon, you still end up saving the balloon cost for a precision wall.


(2)  USE ROUSE MATRIX™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames. Now, I am admittedly biased, but I do have more than 30 years experience in the industry. I have taught, exhibited, published and won awards around the world.  And, I have earned five patents on technology that you can use to  improve your balloon art and build your balloon business. I highly recommend Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load balloon frames for your single layer construction. I believe they are the "World's Best Canvas For Your Balloon Imagination™". 

WHY USE RMS?   I am not going to give you the full sales pitch of the 20 ways RMS gives you more, but I do want to point out several factors that are especially relevant.

1.  They cost considerably less than other balloon frames. 2.  They weight a great deal less that other balloon frames. 3.  They require hugely less storage space than other balloon frames. 4.  They are far more flexible and more easily customizable. 5.  They are available in more shapes, sizes, grid patterns and more matches to different balloon types than any other balloon framing system in the world.

Basically, the economy and versatility of Rouse Matrix™ will contribute to your art and your profits MadeWithBalloons™.


(3)  USE ROUSE SPEED GRAPHICS™ techniques with your larger, single layer, balloon projects.  These patented techniques will significantly simplify your planning, preparation and installation operations.  They will also speed up your balloon loading by 2 times, 4 times or even more. This approach involves tying Quick Link Balloons™ into strings that are pushed into rows of  frame openings. With practice you can get very fast at this. Here is a short (81 seconds) video that presents one exceptionally fast example.

Now that  is really fast!  Your team can significantly reduce your construction time and costs by achieving only a small portion of Eduardo's speed.  


Come on out of the balloon closet.  Start playing and building with those new Qualatex Quicklink™ balloons. Then, make the switch to single layer construction. Use Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames with your Quick Link Balloons™. Learn and use Rouse Speed Graphics™ with your Quick Link Balloons™ and your Rouse Matrix™.  You will have a winning combination to improve your art and build your business MadeWithBalloons™. . ________________________________________________
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Graham Rouse
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Copyright 2013 by Graham Rouse ________________________________________________

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