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Abstract Totem MadeWithBalloons™    

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I am not sure what tribe or clan this design might represent. It just "grabs" me as some sort of abstract representation of a people from the past. Yet, it leaves me wondering if, perhaps, they were more advanced than we. 

A Balck & White abstract totem (column) MadeWithBalloons™

The original balloon sculpture was a column by Jose Antonio Peztaña for "evento QUALATEX PUEBLA" as shown to the right.

I imagined it, however, standing out more vividly from it's background. I could see it with a brighter light and more contrast between the slick and shiny balloons compared to a textured wall behind.

The base was necessary  for the column to stand, but I visualized the sculpture as an object of art mounted so as to appear suspended in air.

Now you have the results of Jose's fine sculpture and my imagination in the pictures above. I hope you enjoy them both.

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