$20,000.00 A POP - For A Copy Of A Copy Of A Sculpture MadeWithBalloons™

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This illustration shows a copy of a copy of a balloon sculpture design with a bottle of Dom Perignon at a selling price of $20,000.

This marketing coup brings balloon art and drinking together in a new and more extravagant way. 

"$20,000.00 A POP" For A Copy Of A Copy Of A Sculpture MadeWithBalloons™

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"$20,000.00 A POP"

That is right.  If you want to pop open the bottle of Dom Pérignon that is inside this polyurethane copy of the Jeff Koons chromium stainless steel sculpture that is, itself, a copy of a balloon sculpture design; it will cost you a mere. $20,000.00. Some of Jeff Koons's steel sculptures based on balloon sculptures have sold for tens of millions of dollars. MY, my....  ..   .And some of my line customers used to complain about spending one dollar for an "original" balloon sculpture. But, it is nice, isn't it, to have valuable art be copies of "our" (balloon industry) originals rather than to have our art always be copies of someone else's original object. You can learn more about this marketing coup for Dom Pérignon, Jeff Koons and for sculpture MadeWithBalloons™ in this article by  for WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY at http://www.wwd.com/eye/design/pop-bottles-jeff-koons-teams-with-dom-prignon-7025031 .

Cover for the "Balloon Venus" article in Women's Wear Daily 2013-06-28

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